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John Dolza

Hi my name is John Dolza. I owned and ran an O & P facility for 35 years.

I created Complete Professional Office Services to solve the billing problems that O & P facilities face while at the same time making it economical to do so.

Call me today to discuss how your practice will make more money using our serivces.

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Claims Overview

“The Burden of being Perfect is on You”

Insurance companies are trying to sell as many policies as possible while paying as little per claim as possible.  In order to maximise profits, the insurance company has to put in place a method of determining what portion of claims to pay. The result is a very complex system that errors on the side of denying your claim. The burden of being “perfect” is on you to properly submit your claims and to make sure the insurance company does their job responsibly and correctly.

“Many O and P facilities are unable to keep up”

To offset limited volume, orthotic and prosthetic facilities scatter too many tasks over too few people. The claims process has minimal management and becomes, expensive and ill equipped to cope with the day to day changes in the claims billing process.

“What does it take to Succeed?”

  1. You need multiple, and highly qualified skill sets
  2. You need experienced management, coordinating personnel
  3. Critical documents must be electronically stored, categorized, and easy to retrieve
  4. That means equipment and software; cloud systems and constant updating
  5. You need IT support to keep everything running seamlessly
  6. You need to have a network that gives you the reports you need on your computer
  7. You “really need” someone to show you how to use everything available

“What are the obstacles to Success?”

  1. Multiple, highly skilled people expect high salaries
  2. Experienced managers are hard to come by
  3. You need time to invest in the process
  4. Insurances are constantly changing to increase their advantage, not yours
  5. You must collect from both the insurance company and your patient as completely as possible
  6. Verifications, pre-authorizations and deductibles must be dealt with before the patient walks out the door

“How can we help You Succeed?”

  1. We have your back to help with all your claims problems
  2. We can get your office personnel the tools for verification and Pre-authorization
  3. We will train your staff on how to use the tools
  4. We can help you receive more on your claims in a short amount of time
  5. We manage the paperwork and make sure it is all there