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Claims Troubleshooting

“Get 17% more by Troubleshooting Problem Claims”

In this era of diminishing screens attention to quick investigation and detail can spell the difference between being a “for profit”, or a “nonprofit” organization.

When the “Posting” department discovers a “non-paid” item, it immediately alerts the “Troubleshooting” department and routes all documentation to it for action. A quick response to “non-paid” claims is critical, so we respond within 24 hours.

Troubleshooting makes the calls, does the research and resubmits claims with additional documentation to get them paid. Their job does not end there though, because they continue to follow up until the claim is paid.


“How much $$ is your 30 day past receivables worth?”

When you hire us as your billing department we investigate all past 30 day receivables. We are not shy about calling and when we don’t get the right answer, we go up the ladder and get results. We are able to get claims paid that most in-house orthotic and prosthetic billing departments have given up on.


“How to you know the claims are being paid?”

Each month we send a detailed report on the status of all outstanding claims. In bold we identify any missing paperwork necessary to process. It is laid out so the office manager can check and date when it is returned. These special touches build good working relationships. We review the answers or lack of and then call to clarify unanswered questions.


“The Hidden Danger of not Appealing!”

Medicare is starting to drop unappealed codes. Unfortunately O & P billing departments seem reluctant to use the appeal processes. Too much time, not enough money and lots of paperwork. Most departments are intimidated by the word “Judicial” and never take action to appeal their case. This reluctance not only loses money it jeopardizes the future availability of necessary codes. Our “Appeal Policy” is get it paid, take all necessary steps and don’t lose it.  This often contributes over 10% to our client’s income and protects everyone’s future income.
One of our clients aptly called our appeals process “The [his child’s] college education fund”.
We are so determined to get claims paid that we don’t stop at the appeals process. Appeals usually resolve the problem, but not always. We have even called a local TV station, their action news department gave it some air time and then “we got action”.