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Insurance is not protection you as an owner are responsible for much more than that.

After many years acting as a billing agency, we have had several groups sustain disasters that could have easily wiped them out. These included hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires. What ensured their successful and continued recovery was they were protected and could easily obtain their records and get online access to their programs from temporary locations. They were essentially in operation the next day. If you are going to successfully do your own billing you must be able to do the same.

Most facilities insure their physical contents, hopefully flood and, business interruption, but they neglect protection on their most valuable asset, their files. Often they are simply stored in a locked file to satisfy HIPAA requirements. Furthermore they rely on obsolete, poorly designed data storage systems. Fire hoses, smoke, floods, destructive winds have no respect for locks, and bad systems. Even much more stringent measures can fail.

We recently signed on a new client who took what could be considered good storage measures. An independent server, an external back up with personnel delegated. There was a fire. The server and all programs on it lost. The back-up which had been religiously done for years had a flaw. It indicated full back up, but complete back up actually wasn’t happening; the programs and most of the data was lost or out of date. All the paper files were water soaked and smoke damaged. In one night their entire operation stopped.
Paper records have now become doubly important. Medicare, Medicaid, major clients have started auditing payments made years before. If one of these audits shows, a vulnerability to “lack of records”, you get a red flag, take backs can become substantial, and your business interruption insurance will not cover these losses.


There is only one way to safely store records. That is electronically, in a reliable cloud situation.

This must be done not only with your computer files, but more importantly your paper files, patient notes, doctors’ notes, CMN’s, patient records and more.


In house billing systems require disaster proof storage for your computer data.
a. First a reliable IT group to design, test, and routinely checks proper operation and apply updates must be found and retained.
b. Proper configuration to store data in the cloud is a must.
c. A protocol for how often, what, and how established.
d. An encrypting methodology purchased and established for transfer to and from the cloud.


Once that has been established an electronic replacement for your paper filing system must be designed.
a. Patient name, address, id, and insurance type, etcetera, need identifiable, and specific labeling.
b. The document file must be attached easily to the labeling for quick sorts and finds.
c. Sorting criteria set up.
d. This system must be updatable, but safe from tampering, accidental mass deletion, or sabotage.
e. Your personnel need to be trained to routinely scan, and then file.
f. You must be ready to pay for and make changes as you go.
Making changes, takes precedence over trips to Hawaii.

Set aside a small fund to ensure, everything functions when cash flow drops during dry spells.
These are necessary to successfully run your practice. They are expensive, time consuming and from our experience not now properly in place. You can be extremely vulnerable,  Especially if your system is designed by incompetent or inexperienced personnel. This process takes money, and vigilance.


The question becomes do you really want to do this in house?


Our billing service automatically puts it in place for you.


Call us we are here to go over your options

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