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As a group doctors hardly understand prosthetic or orthotic care. Their rudimentary education far outstripped by the huge steps accomplished in our fields. Paradoxically Medicare, and most payers are relying on their (doctors) notes to, verify propriety, and whether they should pay for the services we perform.

A recent survey by Medicare 21% of all enforced denials were due to doctors notes

Doctors prefer to spend their time with patients discussing the field they are knowledgeable in “medicine” and their notes reflect this. Since our fields has  been outstripping their medical education for years their notes reflect the lack by omission. To overcome this paradox doctors have to be educated on the spot and that education must become part of their notes. Eric Shoemaker MS CPO recently spoke about a important educational tool we have at our disposal. “Patient empowerment” ,an educational tool utilized by the drug industry for several years. This blog is aimed at accomplishing this.

Doctors depend professionally and financially on their diagnostic and prescriptive ability. Orthotists and prosthetists must empower patients to enhance this ability by becoming advocates for the services they require. Doctors note  patient discussion your job is making certain the patient initiates a proper discussion for him/her to note. To accomplish this Patients require education, only you can supply the education . What does this mean?

The Drug industry uses commercials. It is the result of a carefully prepared script, presented by well trained actors, on a well designed set. The whole thing is aimed at getting the patient to interact favorably on their behalf with the doctor.

To achieve the same result you must not be afraid to spend focused time.Pick some commercials close your eyes pay attention to the words not the set. You  begin to evaluate what makes a patient understand the benefits of what they are proposing and how they are being empowered to speak to the doctor. In your case the patient must understand what favorable outcome to expect, improved balance, increased mobility, dexterity, cosmetics, freedom from injury, and then the necessity talking it over with his doctor and how. Here unlike the commercial your “one on one”. Use that advantage. Remember they must bring this up with their doctor. Only they (the patients) can do this.

That’s part one, afterwards get feedback success may not be immediate, adjust, improvement is a good goal.

Properly done this can mean the difference between having to be satisfied with a disastrous relationship with Medicare , or getting paid for what you can accomplish. The patients, makes this treatment possible by getting you proper doctors notes.

This particular part of the blog demonstrates something only you can do to elevate both your practice and income. It takes time and concentrated effort and must be done by you.

Other parts give you insight on what is necessary to make a successful billing department; it takes concentrated effort and must be done but not necessarily by you.

Our billing service has consistently demonstrated we perform at the high level of expertise, necessary to get maximum income. We cost the same as an in-house billing department. Spend time where you must don’t squander it unnecessarily. Results are much better. Costs are the same.

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