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Webinar for Medicare for ICD-10/DME. It’s at 12noon-2 on Wednesday EST Sept. 23

Webinar for Medicare for ICD-10/DME. It’s at 12noon-2 on Wednesday EST Sept. 23, you must sign up before the 23rd

They want a provider tax ID# & MAC. This will be the basics which software cannot do for us. As O&P is a very small component and the medical fraternity is mostly ignorant of our specific needs we will be posting blogs with “need to knows” probably for quite some time in the future as Medicare sorts itself out. John


Link to Medicare Registration Page

Play the Medicare game, Keep your Money

Play the Medicare game, Keep your Money

Don’t play the Medicare game, lose Everything

Did you know that immediately after Medicare makes their quarterly or published policy changes, you will lose in appeal? 49% of the claims contested lost for just that reason. If caught you not only loose that money, you are red flagged, until you demonstrate compliance correction. For the O & P industry that amounted to Millions of dollars. Several practices that I personally know of went out of business.

Proper signature presentation plays an important role in this process.

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Insurance is not protection you as an owner are responsible for much more than that.

After many years acting as a billing agency, we have had several groups sustain disasters that could have easily wiped them out. These included hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires. What ensured their successful and continued recovery was they were protected and could easily obtain their records and get online access to their programs from temporary locations. They were essentially in operation the next day. If you are going to successfully do your own billing you must be able to do the same.

Most facilities insure their physical contents, hopefully flood and, business interruption, but they neglect protection on their most valuable asset, their files. Often they are simply stored in a locked file to satisfy HIPAA requirements. Furthermore they rely on obsolete, poorly designed data storage systems. Fire hoses, smoke, floods, destructive winds have no respect for locks, and bad systems. Even much more stringent measures can fail.

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As a group doctors hardly understand prosthetic or orthotic care. Their rudimentary education far outstripped by the huge steps accomplished in our fields. Paradoxically Medicare, and most payers are relying on their (doctors) notes to, verify propriety, and whether they should pay for the services we perform.

A recent survey by Medicare 21% of all enforced denials were due to doctors notes

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The concepts that DRG’s are wrong and soon will be gone are both wrong

The first sections of this blog are devoted to giving owners “a heads up”. Some understanding into why they must personally check for vulnerabilities. A defense against future take back looses.  I do stress owners.  Normally organized and funded O &P billing departments are usually too overwhelmed with routine matters to correctly perform this almost foreign duty. If Routine denials are often neglected, how can you expect anticipation for the future? Continue reading