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John Dolza

Hi my name is John Dolza. I owned and ran an O & P facility for 35 years.

I created Complete Professional Office Services to solve the billing problems that O & P facilities face while at the same time making it economical to do so.

Call me today to discuss how your practice will make more money using our serivces.

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Patient Payouts

“Patient Deductibles can cost you 17% or more of your gross income”

Insurance companies are constantly striving to increase “market penetration” and their bottom line. To accomplish this they have developed a complicated system of deductibles, co pays, and out of network reimbursements. Companies and  individuals choose these “discounted” plans to reduce their insurance premiums and ultimately to reduce their costs. These deductibles are substantial and can account for 17% or more of your gross annual income.

“To collect patient deductibles you must face up to certain realities”

  1. Patients knowingly incurred deductibles
  2. Insurances treat deductibles as your responsibility
  3. Patients are quite willing to let you pay the deductibles

“To collect these deductibles requires concentrated coordination between departments”

Complete Professional Office service has developed specialized receivable approaches and web based protocols which go directly on your computers. This documentation makes it possible to resolve patient issues face to face with authority.

“To collect these payments you need approaches that fit each patients specialized needs.”

  1. Posting that allows collection prior to delivery
  2. Accounting that insures first all avenues of insurance are exhausted before patient pay is posted
  3. Automatic mailing of patient statements
  4. Installment payment planes

“Complete Professional Office Services helps You organize your office”

  1. We teach your personnel how to use these systems
  2. We update your personnel on collection techniques
  3. We instill confidence that you can collect deductibles
  4. Your staff are confident when they speak to a patient
  5. Your accounting is accurate and verifiable up to the minute
  6. Your staff can quickly document what they are talking about

By giving this individualized approach we have increased the bottom line of several companies, your practice gains the reputation of being firm, but ethical and your banker likes your balance sheet.