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What did The 2013 O&P World Congress forget that can immediately increase your profits?


Yep that’s right!! The O&P World Congress forgot to include this essential training that will immediately increase the profit of your practice. Read the entire 32 page brochure(found here) and you will find out that one very important subject was overlooked.

“Getting more money for each insurance claim you submit”

Don’t worry, we have put together a training seminar that will teach you the proper payment procurement processes, techniques and mindset to receive the greatest payouts for your practice. This will immediately add money to your bottom line with the least amount of effort.

Don’t let all your hard work with new technologies, fitting systems, robotics, braces, the latest and greatest, go unpaid. Find out how you can collect the money you deserve from the insurance companies and continue to help your patients transform their lives.


O & P Practice Owners and Practitioners
O & P Practice Office Managers
O & P Practice Corporate Owners
O & P Practice Corporate Departmental Managers

Thursday September 19th 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm in the Sarasota 1-2 Room, Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center.

This lecture’s only purpose is to teach you the proper payment procurement processes, department techniques and mindset to receive the greatest % / claim.Today’s insurance industry payment practices demands we carefully adapt to all the roadblocks they have developed to avoid payment.

The process of getting payment for your services is much more complicated today than it was just 2 years ago. It demands coordinated fast reaction by multiple personnel with specialized skill sets. If your billing personnel (in-house or outsourced) do not have the coordination skill and experience needed, you will be forced to operate on narrow margins. Simply put, you are not getting paid what you earned. Ultimately, if you can’t run a profitable viable business, you, your staff, and your patients suffer. Business failure is a real possibility.

Medicare and the rest of the insurance industry are squeezing as hard as possible, (income /procedure) is not matching inflation to combat this, your billing department must be effective, processing, must get a better return per claim dollar. This seminar will show you what you need to do.


Seminar Outline


Part 1: Building a Profitable Billing Process


Part 1 will give office managers and owners real payment percentage objectives of profitable companies and define goals they need to be working toward and how to get there.
We will cover:

  • A short history outlining the background of the problem
  • Employee, composition, work load and concentration and specific duty structure
  • The importance of quick and specific reaction
  • How to manage your front office to help your back office
  • How to manage your back office to get the maximum collection on your claims


In-house Billing Department

Outsourced Billing Department

A billing service addresses the foremost rule of an office. The kiss rules “keep it Simple and Successful”.
1. Makes it simple by relieving the office of several time consuming managerial problems.
2. Makes is successful regarding both income and cost


Who We Are!

We are Complete Professional Office Services
A billing company functioning on a national basis, handling a claim volume equal to several very large offices. Our service is a simple percentage plus a small one time setup fee. We do not directly handle any money. We invoice on a monthly basis for payment. Any office that has made an honest cost comparison found that we are percentage points less than their present cost.