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Subject: Ohio Medicaid PA’s – IVR fixed?!!!

Dear OOPA Members and Associates,


Medicaid PA’s moved to HP (Hewlitt Packard) for processing.

As you may know by now, the Prior Authorization section has been turned over to HP and suppliers are not able to contact HP directly.

At our recent quarterly meeting our Policy rep suggested “if you have an issue with a PA, you should call the IVR number (1.800.686.1516).”


We just learned that the IVR was not set up with an option to receive PA inquiries or an option to leave a message for a call-back.   


After bringing this to Medicaid’s attention yesterday, we are told that the PA function has now been added to the IVR. Medicaid suggests, “When you select it, it indicates you should check the portal for PA status or select 0 to speak to a representative. The original prompt said for prior authorization but the second prompt sounded like provider authorization to me so that is probably confusing providers. I will contact our vendor today to ensure it says prior authorization.


The operators are trained (training ongoing) to be able to answer most questions. If they are unable to answer the question they are to forward it to an internal mailbox. That department will then contact the provider with an answer, correction, resolution, or explanation. If the phone operator does not do this or doesn’t offer to, you should ask them.




Please forward your Medicaid and/or Medicare questions prior to the conference.

Thank you,



Dianne Farabi

Ohio O & P Association

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